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Healthy snacks ideas
Vakarė Kisieliūtė
6 years ago
Healthy snacks ideas

          Growing a child requires cutting off junky food. If you need any ideas for healthy snacks for you child and your family, here are a few.

          Whole Grain Cereal

With vitamins, calcium, and fiber, a bowl of enriched whole grain cereal with milk, if you want even with fruit, is a powerful snack and healthy start of the day.


To keep energy levels high until dinnertime give your toddler some cheese. There is plenty of protein in this snack. There is an easy way to make cheese more interesting to kids by cutting it into fun shapes. Perhaps use a cookie cutter or make kabobs with your favorite fruits.


Smoothies are so delicious, so kids should love it. Even better, they are packed with nutrients. Mix some yogurt, apple juice and bananas. Isn’t it a great way to sneak few servings of fruit and fiber into your child's menu.


When you feel like your children need to add variety to their fruit list, try to give them vitamin C-packed strawberries.

          Healthy Baked Goods

Muffins or breads are the best. Put some fruits in it and your child will eat healthier and will not even notice it. Banana bread or carrot bars are only couple ideas out of million.


Yogurt is an amazing source of calcium, so just put some fruits and seeds on it and your children will love it. Got bored? Add flavor to it by adding berries or granola.

          Peanut Butter

This versatile childhood favorite has plenty of protein and fiber. You should definitely try making some sandwiches with rice cakes, peanut butter and jam. Old good fashioned snack.


One egg provides a child with almost a half norm of protein requirements of the day. Just scramble an egg and serve it with some veggies. Tasty and healthy.


Have you ever imagined that pureed chickpeas might be so delicious? Hummus is an excellent dip for kids and adults, it has an appealing nutty flavor and contains folate, vitamin B6 and iron. Serve hummus with some vegetables or crackers, maybe even use it to make some sandwiches.


Pears are rich in fiber and available all year. Serve up canned pears with a small bowl of cottage cheese or pack a juicy whole pear in your child's lunch box.

          Low-Fat Ham

It’s taste is exactly the same as regular’s ham, but the low-fat version is much healthier than usual and it is a great way to boost your child's protein intake. Make mini ham sandwiches, make some rolls with ham and cheese… Does not matter how you will use it, the fact is, your child will love it and it will be healthy.


Fiber, potassium and vitamins. All this is in those little tasty raisins. It is great if your kid love raisins to eat as a snack, but if you are having a little trouble, just make rice and raisins mix. Sweeten it with some condensed milk and here you go, children’s loved meal.


Apples are the go-to healthy fruit, but if you think that this boring apple is not your favorite anymore, try baking them. It is fantastic snack for the fall and the plus is that you can add to them whatever you want: blueberries, yogurt…


All children love cookies. There is a reason why there are so many movies with kids and cookies included. But instead of buying the high-sugar, high-fat varieties from the store, you can bake your own low-fat oatmeal cookies and feel better about serving cookies and milk for your children. Little advice, try adding raisins, cranberries, dried apricots or even nuts to boost the nutritional value and the taste.

          Hopefully these ideas will help you with your children’s diet. The best advice would be to use your imagination, we believe in you!

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