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Is baby teething?
Vakarė Kisieliūtė
6 years ago
Is baby teething?

          If there is any chance your baby might be cutting a tooth, you might want to know how to help him ease any discomfort. Most babies will not cut the first tooth until he is six or seven months old, sometimes even much later. While some seem to have no discomfort, many will surely show teething symptoms for months before you can even see a white protrusion. Here are some things you should know before your little one gets to the phase of teething.


Biting is one of the most common symptom of teething. So if you notice your baby biting his hand or various objects, like his spoon or simple toy, it could be from gum irritation.


Just before the first tooth shows, you might notice swelling of the gums that can cause irritability, fussiness and refusal to eat anything you offer. The good news is that following teeth will not cause as much pain as it will cost for the first one.

          Hard to sleep

Just as your baby starts sleeping through the night, here come those teeth to interrupt your earned rest. If you have started sleep training, all rules need to go out the window when teething time comes. Your little one needs comfort which means you might have to start at square one, only when he is feeling better.


Sometimes the incoming tooth will cause what looks like a dark blister, which is really bleeding under the gums. Even though it might quite disturbing, a haematoma will clear on it own, the only reason to call the doctor is if it lasts for more than a week.


Many parents say every new tooth is accompanied by a bout of diarrhoea, but there is no connection between the two. Some agree that the extra saliva might cause looser stools, but true diarrhoea needs to be solved by a call to the doctor.


Teething is not directly connected with colds, but babies might be more susceptible to viruses when they put their hands in their mouths so often. Also, gum inflammation might compromise their immune systems.


The same thing goes with fever. There are many mums who could swear their babies will run a low-grade fever right before a new tooth erupts. Keep an eye on the fever and give the doctor a call if it persists for more than three days.

          Soothing pain

Seeing your baby in clear pain might be heartbreaking and exhausting and you cannot completely alleviate the discomfort he experiences. Nevertheless, mothers have spent centuries concocting homemade remedies for teething, so we now have a fairly successful list of treatments you might want to know about.

  • Frozen wet washcloth

Even though it is hard to anticipate what your baby will like or refuse, this is a pretty popular way among the teething stage. It is especially useful for younger babies whose hands are too tiny for bigger teething rings and toys. The numbing cold and gentle pressure might provide the relief your baby really needs.

  • Finger

Putting pressure on the inflamed area with a clean finger usually provides soothing relief. It might cause discomfort at first, but most babies soon welcome the rubbing. Trying this strange way will not hurt, huh?

  • Pain relievers

If your baby is not responding to any natural methods, ask your doctor about pain relievers. They might help you , especially at night time. But also be aware that some gum numbing agents can contain aspirin which should be avoided among children. Keep in mind that while topical ointments are generally safe, too much might numb your baby's gag reflex, possibly leading to choking.

        If it is so heartbreaking to see your baby hurting, you should tell yourself this stage will end. He is strong and he will surely handle it, especially with such a strong mom like you on his side.

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