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Pregnancy & Birth
Tips to get pregnant
Vakarė Kisieliūtė
5 years ago
Tips to get pregnant

          Anything might have some affection on woman’s fertility and to be honest, it is barely possible to predict how long it will take for anyone to get pregnant. But finding as much as possible that relevant information is always the best place to begin though. And no one can know for sure, perhaps you may be welcoming a little angel into this world. It is clear that trying to have a baby is an exciting time. But how to know where should you start and how to improve your chances of conceiving? By the way, is there anything you can be doing to get pregnant faster? Here are some tip you might find useful.

          Have plenty of sex

This tip might sound a little bit silly and obvious at the same time, but you would definitely be surprised at how often experts advice to have sex as often as they can. I mean, it should be regularly. If you are only having sex once in a blue moon and then wondering why you are still not pregnant, you are probably not doing it often enough to be in with a proper chance.

          Fun is the best way to happiness

You should never be nervous about turning sex into a chore, just be sur to make it fun. Having sex every two to three days is a good way to keep things spontaneous without missing that sought-after ovulation window. You might want to find the new best position. In fact, different sexual positions increase your chances of conceiving.

          Exact dates when you are ovulating

If you want your chances of conceiving be as high as possible by having sex when you are at your most fertile, then finding out when you ovulate is the best way. Having sex both on and during the few days before this date gives you the best chance of conception.

          Know the facts

Obviously, if you are trying to get pregnant, you have been reading about the best ways to increase your chances to become pregnant as you are doing it right now. Make sure you know which facts are true and which are false. There is no need to waste your time on useless tricks.

          Healthy food – better chances for sure

People with healthy diets are much more likely to conceive. Even a regular consumption of fruit, vegetables and pulses is associated with far higher levels of fertility.

          Stay fit

It is quite clear that being over or under weight might affect your chances of conceiving because too much or too little body fat can affect your cycle, which in turn can influence your ability to conceive.

          Smoking is no good in any case, including this

It will be much better if you will quit smoking for your best chance of conception. Cigarettes contain lots of chemical nasties that can affect the reproductive organs and decrease the chances of conception for both men and women. So yeah, drop it.

          Just pass on alcohol

It is a fact that everyone knows, if you are pregnant, alcohol is not for you. But if you are just planning to become pregnant, you still should not forget that it would be better to avoid alcohol too. By the way, it applies not only to women, it applies to men too because drinking alcohol excessively can also affect the quality of sperm.

          Find some peace

There is quite a chance it will be hard because you probably want to be pregnant right about now, just because everyone else in the world is pregnant, by the way, your family keeps asking you whether you are expecting and with all that testing the consistency of your cervical mucus, you do not have much time for relaxation.

          Getting pregnant needs both of you

Never forget you have a partner, who can be pretty useful too. Giving up smoking is included, reducing alcohol intake and losing weight if he is overweight.

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