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Walking journey
Vakarė Kisieliūtė
6 years ago
Walking journey

          Your baby from learning how to sit up will learn how to walk around the house on his own in less than a year. It is fantastic to see how his skills of walking are developing. During this exciting time you can help gain his confidence to take those first steps.


First of all, baby will start sitting. When he will sit on his own without the any help, he is at the first of walking journey. Sitting will help your kid strengthen the muscles he will need when he not long after learns to stand. You can help him by rolling a ball back and forth during the play time. It will help him enhance his muscles.


One of the most important things for your child to do at the crawling stage is to practice moving his little arms and legs at the same time. He will definitely need these skills in near future, when time to walk will come. Maybe helping him to develop these areas by having him crawl from one side of the room to the other will help him learn faster. You should surely praise him for his movement.

          Pulling Up

Your baby became stronger and more curious? He should start pulling herself up with the help of furniture, toys or his mom and dad. This is the time when you can start working on his balance and getting him known with the standing position. Also, you can help your baby pull himself up then show him how to bend her knees to get back down. This will lighten baby’s falls when he starts taking step by step on his own.

          Walking with a little help

When a child starts pulling himself up and get balance holding your hands, just help him take a few steps. It will help him with the next stage of walking and should help him gain confidence to take those first steps. You must know that he has to practice and practice. This is the only key for baby when he is only walking with your help. More he will get used to standing and being on his feet - more likely he will feel comfortable to take those first few steps on his own.


Your child should have started using walls and furniture to get around already. This is referred to as cruising. When baby becomes more independent, make sure that your home is completely baby proof and all furniture is fully secured to the wall. After all, you have to encourage your baby to become more confident while cruising and boost him to try letting go of the wall and furniture. But you must to make sure he has a soft landing place.


Balance is a most important thing of starting to walk. If toddler can stand and balance for a few seconds he should soon feel like he also can try to take a few steps. What you can do about it? Just turn balancing into a simple game. Sit down with your kid on the floor and help him to stand up. Then you should count how long he can stay up before baby falls. Give him praise after every try.

          First Steps on his own

Seeing the first steps are a monumental moment for you and your little one. That is why you must to make a big deal out of it. Starting to walk is all about confidence so everything leading up to those first steps need plenty of praise and encouragement. Just cheer him to his first steps by sitting on the floor and guiding him, slowly, as baby gains his balance, let him walk. Just let him walk on his own. Sounds strange, doesn’t it?


It will take a few falls on the knees and a row of steps before he is on the move. Continue to praise baby when he starts the exploring journey of walking. Do not forget that some babies are going to prefer to crawl and might do a crawling and walking mix before he is on his feet regularly. Encourage walking as much as it possible.  You can put baby in a walking position instead of a sitting position when putting him down.

          All I can suggest is to put all your heart in this journey. It is very important for both of you, so do not think that praying is good only for your baby, it is important for you too. After all, you are the one, who taught him walking.

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