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Ways to strengthen the bond with baby (Part 2)
Vakarė Kisieliūtė
6 years ago
Ways to strengthen the bond with baby (Part 2)

          Bonding with your child is one of the most important things and I am quite sure, you want to be as close to him as possible, don’t you? Here are some more ways you might strengthen the bond between you and your little one.

          The smell

Take in your little one’s smell. Sadly, no one has yet figured out a way to bottle baby smell, so since you have got the good stuff right under your nose, sniff away. You will certainly find that your little one's scent is even more heady than any others. In the whole history of our world.

          Falling asleep

Be sure to buy a glider and spend a little extra time in it. If your little one just fell asleep and you are feeling pretty confident about using your ninja moves to transfer him to the bassinet without waking baby, just be sure that before putting him down you will rock back and forth together in a quiet and dark room. Trust me, these are the moments you will soon miss, so do your best to soak them in.

          Dressing up

Try playing dressing-up. Let's face it, everyone’s heart melts a little every single time they see the baby in a new outfit, right? Be certain of a fact that no one will judge you if you will put on a baby fashion show for your eyes only.

          Stuffed animals

As a rule, there is no way you will not buy some stuffed animals to your little one. Just use them to have a stuffed animal meet and greet. You will have a blast watching your child touch, smell and perhaps even taste his little furry friends. Take notice as he picks a favorite, you will want to have that one on hand at bedtime.

          Making a schedule

Schedule is a must for any parent. Babies are creatures of habit, so if you stick to a program your little one will feel more at ease. It will also help him realize that you are the one making all the magic happen as you anticipate his feeding needs.

          A little date

Go on a date with only you and your baby. Perhaps you feel adventurous today? Then be sure to hit some place as the zoo. Want to spend some calm time with your little one? In this case, the coffee shop near you will work too. Getting out with baby will remind you that the world is still spinning outside your little cocoon and the little one will enjoy seeing so many new things too.

          Songs to remember

Fun way to connect with your little one is to make a playlist for only your and him. All you need to do is to pick five of your favorite tunes and play them for baby regularly, maybe you will sing along with it. You will get a kick out of it when he starts to bop along eventually and it is always good for baby to hear your voice.


Enjoy the feeding time. When it is time to start solids, do not worry at all about the mess you both make. Instead, just focus on your baby's enjoyment and exploration of the new tastes, textures and smells he is being exposed to. Making it all fun will create some time of both, yours and your little ones, life.

          Embrace silly side of you

Get your silly on. Have a blast wiggling your eyebrows and sticking out your tongue, and prepare for your heart to explode when you finally get baby to smile.

          It is very important that you would enjoy the time you spend with your little one. If you will be happy, he will be too. So good luck bonding.

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