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Pregnancy & Birth
Why you should exercise while being pregnant?
Vakarė Kisieliūtė
5 years ago
Why you should exercise while being pregnant?

          It is very important to stay active during all the parenthood and especially during the pregnancy. Being fit and active during pregnancy can bring heaps of wonderful benefits, from an easier labour and restful sleep, to better bladder control. Exercise will surely not hurt your little one, as long as you do it safely and avoid risky sports. By the way, we are not talking triathlons or extreme sports, just a spot of everyday exercise will make a huge difference in your routine. If you are still thinking it is not necessary, here are some more benefits of exercising while being pregnant and how sports might help you.

          Fitter for the future

Every person who is stronger and fitter will surely find it easier to cope with changing shape and natural weight gain. So it will not be only short term solution, but also a life changing habit.

          Easier labour

Been scared of the upcoming labour? No one says it will be easy, but exercising would definitely help you. It would help you cope better with that scary labour thing.

          Go back into shape

If you been working out during pregnancy, and even better if you did it before it, you will find it million times easier to get back into shape after the birth. And actually, it is a massive advantage.

          Ease anxiety

It is said that exercise is a well-known remedy for anxiety and trust me, it truly is. Who would not feel better to have those few hours per week just for themselves to relax?

          Sleeping tightly

If you make yourself to move during the day, it should help you avoid that well known pregnancy insomnia. So a little bit of sports equals a nap of your life. Is not it worth it?

          Happy might be your second name

Exercising is also great for warding off depression and boosting wellbeing. By the way, being unhappy will surely not help that little pretty creature inside of you.

          Lower the pressure

Being active may reduce swelling in those hands and feet and it might help to ward off varicose veins too.

          Avoiding any complications

While you are exercising, you may manage your weight gain easier and it would reduce the chances of developing high blood pressure or gestational diabetes.

          In control of your bladder

Even though it is honestly annoying, labour does your pelvic floor no favours at all. That is why if you want to be able to laugh, cough or jump without weeing a little bit, make sure you are starting to build those muscles right about now.

          Ease backache

Tailored pregnancy exercises can truly help you carry the extra weight of pregnancy, as well as making your joints stronger, improving circulation and easing backache. It might seem as not so important thing now, but during pregnancy you will wish to stop that annoying pain.

          So if you truly were the one who thinks sports are not a must, we are hoping this list have changed your mind. Do not forget that you do not have to play sports in the gym and lift weights, all you need to do, is to stay active and remember to take some walks or play outside with your older children and perhaps a dog.

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