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Cutting newborn's nails
Vakarė Kisieliūtė
6 years ago
Cutting newborn's nails

          It is barely possible to believe that soft, pretty little newborns’ nails can grow such sharp and ragged. By moving so uncoordinated, babies can easily scratch themselves and you too! So you have to deal with a fact that when your child is still so tiny you will need to become a professional at cutting the tiniest nails you have ever seen. Just to help yourself, read this article and maybe you will find some advices or tips which could help you get through this difficult phase.

          Newborn’s nails

Newborns tend to have soft and flexible nails that grow very fast and can get pretty ragged and sharp. This means scratching themselves and even claw their faces is a big threat. That is why you will need to learn how to keep your baby’s nails short.

It is not easy trying to hold a cross, wriggly baby while you carefully trim their tiny, little nails. Not even close! But do not worry. The good news is, when your baby is so small, you can gently peel the ends of nails off with your fingers. Just do not forget, it will not last long. When your baby grows, you will have to start using baby nail clippers. Some parents also like using emery boards to smooth rough edges after cutting.

          Trimming nails

Trimming your baby’s nails is way easier when you have got another parent or other adult holding your wriggly baby still and distracting them. You might also want to pick a time when your baby is calm or distracted. Try to trim his nails while he is being fed or perhaps even when he is asleep.

          How often?

Newborns fingernails usually grow quite fast so you will need to cut them more than just once a week. Of course, toenails grow slower, that is why you will get away with only a couple of times per month.

          What shape?

Just keep baby’s nails nice and straight, you should not go too short and avoid trimming around the curve of their finger. Also, be careful not to cut down the side of their toenail because it might cause ingrown nails and avoid digging into the sides of their nails because this may cause an infection.

          What if I cut him?

If you by chance nip the skin, do not worry. Just gently hold a piece of clean, damp cotton wool on the cut, apply a little pressure and the bleeding will stop fast. But be sure not to use a plaster, as if it comes away your baby may choke on it.

          How to avoid nipping fingers and toes?

Press the finger pad away from the nail and keep a firm hold on their hand. You should try not to trim too low as the tip of your baby's finger may bleed, which can lead to infection. Newborn baby's toenails are very soft, that is why they tend to curl over the end of the toe, which means it is hard to tell which bit of the nail growth is still attached to the quick, so just make sure you go slowly.

          No for bites

It might be strange, but there are parents who are tempted to bite their baby’s nails to keep them short. Try to avoid this temptation. Germs from your mouth could get into tiny cuts on your little one’s fingers, possibly causing an infection.

          Annoyed by baby scratching?

You may try putting baby scratch mittens or socks on your baby's hands and feet, but it is not the best solution because they are likely not to stay on for very long. Try keeping your baby wrapped up that his hands and feet are safely covered.

          Let’s hope this will help you avoid all the difficulty you been going or are going to be through. Follow these tips and I believe your life will be better instantly.

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