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Pregnancy & Birth
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Vakarė Kisieliūtė
6 years ago
Working during pregnancy

          Being at work while you are pregnant is not always easy. There are many struggles like being in pain, maybe even having to puke. You already wake up exhausted and probably not in the best mood, but you have to go to work. Here is a list of the worst things about working while being pregnant and some solutions and tips for those situations.


Your bump is already showing. You are grumpy and weepy. You are feeling like you have the stomach flu all day, every single day. But also, you are not sure if you are ready to tell everyone that you are pregnant, that is why you are trying to hide it. If your symptoms are affecting your work quality, you will probably have to rethink not telling method. Sometimes you can get benefits. Just think about it. Maybe if you would tell your boss, he would consider mitigating your work schedule or perhaps he will move you to a place closer to the restroom.


It might be intense. If you are throwing up at work, keep some snacks in your drawer and munch on them throughout the day because an empty stomach can make your nausea worse. A lot of pregnant women feel like nausea and vomiting are so normal that they have to deal with it, but there are medicines that can make it at least a little bit better.


If you have not fallen asleep during a work meeting, you surely have not been pregnant. Most of women do not expect how exhausting the first months might be. To prevent falling asleep at places you would not want, like work, you could take short naps, just try to keep a regular sleeping schedule. You will feel much better after the first trimester. When that exhaustion hits, you should just add a couple hours to your sleep plan.

          Annoying attention

It is surely fun that you get more attention than usual, but there is that annoying attention, which includes way too personal questions and unwanted advice. Just remember, you do not have to give any information you do not want to give. You are allowed to set boundaries. Most people do have good intentions and it can be easy to say the wrong thing. So just move to a question about the other person. People love to talk about themselves and it will just look like you are being nice.

          You feel foolish

When you are pregnant you think in totally different way and it is one hundred percent true. Your brain is actually rewiring itself for motherhood. That, combined with exhaustion, might make you feel like a shadow, like you cannot do things that well than you used to do. Just take the time to check over your work twice. Your mind is too busy thinking about the baby you will soon bring to this world, so double check will definitely help you avoid mistakes.

          In one position all day

The best way to prevent foot swelling is to change your position often and walk around throughout the day, but most jobs are not designed to allow that. To minimize swelling, limit your salt intake and prop up your feet when you can. No matter where you work, take regular, short walks. They will make a huge difference.

           Bathroom – second home

Do not be shocked if you go to the bathroom and then you need to pee a second time after a few minutes. There will be a lot of bathroom breaks, really a lot. If you are trying to keep from drawing attention to frequent bathroom trips, multitask. Just combine your trip to the bathroom with other things you need to do, such as getting printouts off the printer or meeting with a coworker across the office.


Pregnancy is a very constipating condition, which might mean more gas in your body. All you can do is to keep your sense of humor because you surely are going to need it. By the way, you can avoid gas-producing foods, like beans and broccoli or anything new in your diet your body is not used to.

          Yes, there are some disadvantages of pregnancy. Yes, there will definitely be awkward moments. But in the end of the day, you know that all of this is worth it because it is only a small cost for that little ball of happiness in your belly.

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