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Pregnancy & Birth
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Vakarė Kisieliūtė
6 years ago
Untold things about parenthood

          From the moment you find out you are going to be a parent, you can be certain your life is about to change completely. Unfortunately, there is no one who tells you exactly how strong and great that change will be and there is nothing that can truly prepare you for the journey you are about to get started. Luckily, we have made a list of things no one would ever tell you about this strange journey – parenthood.


          Being frightened is a norm

You will be scared. That is for sure. Being responsible for someone’s life is terrifying, frightening, stressful and even much more. But you will never be completely prepared, so just try relax and go with the flow.


It is popular to link pregnancy with cravings and there is a reason for it. But you should know there is quite a chance you might not have those cravings. Not even weird ones. Just not at all.


Heartburn, hair loss, hair growth, swollen feet, swollen hands, stretch marks, cellulite, cramps, back pain, seat belts, weak bladder, hormones and at times just breathing in general.


You will never sleep comfortably again, it is just a myth. You may try buying all these pregnant pillows and gadgets, but there is more of a chance they will not help, so you will have to deal with it.


Your body will surely change and do things you never thought were possible. Truly, there is a reason why everybody are surprised how big you are, those changes are strange not only for others, it will be strange for you too.


Morning sickness does not just happen in the morning and it does not always simply pass after 3 months. It also does not just mean vomiting and sometimes if you are super lucky it does not even happen at all.


It is strange but quite usual thing among pregnant women –dreams. You should notice that they are extremely weird, scary, you might even call them crazy dreams.


Tiredness and laziness are going to be your new best friends. Carrying and growing a human is a surely hard work, by the way, you will think twice about whether or not you really need that something you dropped on the floor or left in the second floor.


          Giving a birth

Delivering will surely not be pleasant. Actually totally opposite. There will be plenty of crying and screaming. Truly. A lot of during birth.


Pain will not disappear after labor, especially in your stomach, down below, your boobs, your head and your entire body will ache. Perhaps I will not even start about the after birth poo.

          Losing it

There will be those giving up moments for sure, but you know you are strong enough. Just swear it all out and move on. It will help.

          Falling in love

With your baby, with your partner and with yourself for what you have just achieved and been through. Maybe not all three at the same time and probably not all three instantly, but you will, eventually.

          Annoying conversations

Talking about the birth, who the baby looks like, when the next one will be, how tired you are. Just relax and do not be angry, imagine yourself in their place. Even though I you would not do the same, still, stay calm.

          Fighting (not physically)

There will be plenty of fighting with your partner. You both will disagree who is more tired, who works harder, whose turn it is to change baby’s diaper. Point is, just to fight.

          Life before the baby

Missing your old life is also a part of parenthood. You will miss your old self, the silence, the freedom you had, the proper sleep, those long baths, the privacy. After this, you will probably feel guilty for feeling this way.

          Am I good enough

 You might feel like you have failed at some moments. Like you are not good enough or doing enough. You will question everything you do, from baby feeding, if you are doing it right, to putting baby to sleep, if you are laying baby in the right position. Know, there are no perfect parents, so you are not evil even if you do something wrong.


          All of this is worth it

You will survive and no matter how bad your day was. There is no matter how many times you have cried or screamed or lost your control. You are hear and you will get through all of it. There no point of hiding the fact that it will be hard but also, it will be worth it and you know it.

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